Garrett County & Deep Creek Lake Maps

Blue Moon Rising is home to over a mile of hiking trail highlighting the different habitats on the property. Throughout the trail the visitor will find informative plaques and shaded seating areas. For the more enthusiastic hiker Garrett County’s state parks and forest offer longer hiking options through a wide variety of terrain and ecosystems. Many follow head water streams that are the starting points for rivers that eventually end up in the Chesapeake and Mississippi basins; while others follow ridge lines providing for some of the most spectacular vistas in the county.

Trails and state parks are just one of the ways to view the beauty of Garrett County. With miles of winding country roads this is the perfect place for those interested in road biking to choose as a vacation spot. Blue Moon Rising is proud to work with local road biking enthusiasts to develop a list of road rides favorite to residents. A large majority of these rides will start and end in the McHenry area making them perfect for guest staying at our facility.

Here is a link to Garrett Trails web-site. Garrett Trails is a non-profit organization dedicated to the maintenance and creation of trails throughout Garrett County.